We are…


discovering, validating and combining integrative therapeutics, modalities and professions into one unified voice.
In every aspect of what we do from combining best practices with accredited education to advocating for rights.
to unify, empower and promote the best practices, policies and standards to optimize integrative wellness.
We are…


Healthcare by redefining the standards for Wellness Management and Concierge Wellness integrating Mind-Body-Spirit with a the tools and resources necessary to thrive in the harshest of circumstance.


The IPA works directly with educators, integrative providers, subject matter experts, research institutes and institutional academics to develop and promote the most up-to-date, validated and credentialed curriculum to elevate and empower real world solutions.


Local, Regional, National and International Networking Events and IPAConferences provide IPA members with an ongoing ability to network and advance their careers and gain valuable accredited continuing education and immersion opportunities to expand experience.  

Our works…

Regardless if its a new modality or a new textbook, IPA has a team of Development Operations Specialists dedicated to  exploring and advancing the future of integrative wellness.