The IPA was founded and organized by professional advocates, nonprofit lobbyists and medical providers to be the voice of integrative providers in legislative, administrative and regulatory venues, standing up for what’s right when others turn a blind eye to what’s standing in the way of sustainable progress. Bound by duty, driven by purpose and motivated by change, IPA advocates stand unified with integrative providers, administrators and community-based leadership, alike, in service to providers, patients, planet earth and a better tomorrow.  

While IPA spends a majority of its time, energy and money on education and advocacy, the intent of the organization is to discover, educate, unite and empower. In essence, IPA created a network of events, platforms and programs to support IPA members, and in turn the revenues will be used to improve member programs, expand outreach and fortify a war chest for legislative action, policy development and implementation. For more information on how IPA conducts its advocacy activities, and how you can get involved, please reach out to: